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Buttguy Wood Etchings

A new era of home decor is here-- sitting at a refined 6" tall and carved out of high quality timber, these Buttguys are ready to enhance any wall. Each piece is around 1.5" thick, and a hole has been drilled in the back for easy display. (No joking around please, this is serious)


A Spectrum of Nature's Finest Woods Our blind bag selection includes an array of exquisite woods: the deep, rich Walnut; vibrant Purple Heart; classic Red Oak; elegant Acacia; luxurious Rosewood; striking Zebra Wood; and intricate Lace Wood. The thrill of the reveal makes each piece a unique surprise that complements and enriches any space.

An Affordable Resin Alternative For a modern twist, we also offer a version in semi-transparent resin. This alternative comes with its own resin stand, ideal for desk display or placing in a spot where light can create a captivating effect. Each Buttguy Etching, whether wood or resin, will be accompanied by a hand-written thank-you note on my personal letterhead. (and probably a drawing of buttguy, if I were a betting man)

Pre-Order Your New Best Friend
Buttguy Wood Etchings are available for pre-order and will be ready to ship in 2 weeks. Embrace the excitement of the unknown and add an element of mystery to your art collection or gift-giving. Place your order now and let the anticipation begin. Your very own Buttguy surprise is just a pre-order away!

Hangable Buttguy Etchings

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